Saving The Environment One Tree At A Time! (Part 1: The Science Bit)

Children Should Plant A Tree

Today’s trip to the forest was a little different, we were given the task of planting one elder tree each somewhere in the forest. Although, I knew the benefits of planting trees, after further research I have learnt so much more about trees and their astounding benefits to the environment.

IMG_8285 2

Nature is Beautiful! Trees are AMAZING!

Trees help the environment in more ways that we can imagine. They improve air quality by producing oxygen as well as storing harmful by-products of fossil fuel burning such as carbon dioxide. In a year on average a tree can remove one ton of carbon dioxide form the air! Trees also absorb odours and pollutant gasses, such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia and sulphur dioxide, and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. This is not all, trees also moderate the effects of sun and wind, whilst cleaning the air by trapping dust, pollen and other pollutants. Also, providing shelter and food for wildlife, as well as generating jobs and contributing raw materials for building and other products.

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It’s obvious, trees are amazing!

But the benefits of trees do not stop there. A mature tree, through transpiration can pump one hundred gallons of water from the ground and expel it into the air. They also build soil and help soak up storm water before it can create a flood, as well as offering energy-saving shade that reduces global warming.


The most exciting and thought –provoking fact I found out though, was that a family of four can get all the oxygen they need for a WHOLE YEAR from just ONE average mature tree!

So, knowing this, why is it that every year humans cut down 50,000 square miles of forest, destroying the environment for us now and future generations?



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